The GEM Lab is part of the HCI, Graphics, and Visualization (GVHCI) research cluster within Dalhousie University‘s Faculty of Computer Science. We conduct research in the areas of mobile, ubiquitous, and embodied interaction, gaming and new media, mixed/virtual/augmented reality, and visualization.

We prioritise fun, playful explorations of new interaction modalities and novel scenarios for interaction with digital media and systems.  A major research goal of the lab is to establish interactive techniques, paradigms, and toolkits that help designers of interactive systems consider the physical environment and our lived experience in these environments.

By-products of our research have found applications in areas such as healthcare, digitally enhanced manufacturing, geo-spatial information systems, interactive media, and personal visual analytics. Our lab has received funding from NSERC, SSHRC, DRDC, Boeing, Snap, Inc., Ericsson, NSBI, and Mitacs, among other sources.

We regularly collaborate with other faculty members and students within the GVHCI cluster. We also collaborate with researchers internationally and across the Faculty of Computer Science, and in the School of Architecture, Anthropology, Engineering, Media Studies, and NSCAD’s Expanded Media Arts program.