"Hubert" Hu, Sathaporn

A Tablet + Augmented Reality Interface for Interactive Multiple Linear Regression with Geospatial Data PhD Thesis


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Franz, Juliano

Enhancing Collaboration Through Role-Specific Information Sharing PhD Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2023.

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Haltner, Peter

A Comparative Evaluation of Augmented Reality Learning Techniques and Traditional Learning Materials for Bead Weaving Masters Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2021.

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Singh, Abbey

Story CreatAR: a spatial analysis tool for space-adaptive story content placement Masters Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2021.

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Alnusayri, Mohammed

ProxemicUI: Iterative Design and Evaluation of a Flexible and Generic Framework for Proxemics Aware Applications PhD Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2021.

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Peachey, Matthew

Effectively and Efficiently Representing Hand-Tracking Data using Named Signal Instances Bachelor Thesis


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Salimian, Hossein

Exploring the Impact of Asymmetrical Interfaces on Presence and Group Awareness in Mixed Reality Collaborative Environments PhD Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2018.

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Alnusayri, Mohammed

Proximity Table: Exploring Tabletop Interfaces that Respond to Body Position and Motion Masters Thesis

Dalhousie University, 2015.

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