Task Resumption across Multiple Devices

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The growing popularity of smartphones makes it an attractive option to use it for workers in large scale construction like aircraft manufacturing. This study’s main focus is on task resumption while switching between large screens and mobile devices. The aim of the study is to set a criteria (e.g. levels of zooming, number of hands used, spatial ability of the user, etc) that determines the device to be used for a particular model. This project is sponsored by the Boeing Company.


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Principal Investigators:

Dr. Bonnie MacKay, Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Derek Reilly, Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Kirstie Hawkey, Faculty of Computer Science

Divya Dola, Faculty of Computer Science, MACS

Contact Person:

Bonnie MacKay, Faculty of Computer Science, bmackay@cs.dal.ca

Task Resumption across Multiple Devices