Task Resumption across Multiple Devices

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Handheld touchscreen devices are increasingly used by workers in large scale manufacturing in  aerospace and other industries, as are workstations with large displays. In this collaboration with Boeing, we focus on task resumption while switching between large screens and mobile devices, particularly while working with complex 3-D models. In a controlled study, participants started tasks on a wall display or tablet, were interrupted (by needing to work on an unrelated task), and resumed the original task on the same or a different display.

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Bonnie MacKay, Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Derek Reilly, Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Kirstie Hawkey, Faculty of Computer Science

Divya Dola, Faculty of Computer Science, MACS

Contact Person:

Bonnie MacKay, Faculty of Computer Science, bmackay@cs.dal.ca

Task Resumption across Multiple Devices