Halifax Explosion Installation

Recruiting pairs for study!

We are recruiting pairs of participants for a study exploring how people interact and share augmented reality (AR) experiences with others. The study will assess the impact of different sharing techniques in a real-world application. Participants will be required to wear an Augmented Reality headset while they freely explore an installation at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Participants must be regular museum-goers when traveling and should reply to this notice with the name of the partner (e.g., close friend, sibling, partner) who will participate with them. The study will consist of a single session. In this session, you will meet with the researcher at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, 1675 Lower Water Street. During the study, participants can explore the exhibit for as long as they wish, typically between 5 and 15 minutes. While only one of the participants will wear the AR headset during the study, the partner can try wearing the headset after the study session is complete. Participants receive free admission to the museum. If you are interested in participating, please contact Juliano Franz by email (juliano.franz@dal.ca) with your partner in carbon copy (CC) and answer the following doodle pool for availability: https://goo.gl/2GUZG4

More Info

This project is a collaboration between GEM Lab and the Narratives in Space+Time Society (NiS+TS). It serves as a public platform for exploring the past and present urban geography of the area surrounding the Narrows where the Halifax Explosion took place in December 1917. The tabletop consists of a semi-opaque glass projection surface representing the harbour and solid pine CNC-shaped forms for land. Projection mapping is used to project various content on the tabletop, including aerial photographs and historical maps showing the devastation caused by the explosion. Additional computer-generated content can be interactively explored using a Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted display.

Currently installed at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Previously installed at the Dalhousie Art Gallery.

Halifax Explosion Installation