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Porcino, Thiago; Ghaeinian, Seyed Adel; Franz, Juliano; Malloch, Joseph; Reilly, Derek

Design of an Extended Reality Collaboration Architecture for Mixed Immersive and Multi-Surface Interaction Inproceedings Forthcoming

In: The 21st IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC 2022), IFIP, Forthcoming.

BibTeX | Tags: 3-D user interface, AR, architecture, collaborative systems, connected devices, embodied interaction, gesture, immersive visualization, information propagation, natural user interface, spatial annotation, temporal objects, toolkit

Nicholas, Claire; Forren, James; Reilly, Derek

Augmented: Design and ethnography in/of an architecture, computer science, and textile research-creative collective Conference Forthcoming

Proceedings of the Design Research Society 2022 Conference, Design Research Society, Forthcoming.

BibTeX | Tags: 3-D user interface, annotation, AR, architecture, craft, creativity support tools, cultural heritage, design, dynamic guides, embodied cognition, embodied interaction, ethnography, immersive visualization


Salimian, Hossein; Brooks, Stephen; Reilly, Derek

IMRCE: A Unity Toolkit for Virtual Co-Presence Conference

Proceedings of the 6th ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (SUI 2018), ACM, Berlin, Germany, 2018.

BibTeX | Tags: 3-D user interface, augmented reality, collaborative systems, embodied interaction, immersive visualization, mixed presence, mixed reality, open source software, tabletop, toolkit, top-down tracking